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Allscripts MyWay

McFarland & Associates is proud to be recognized as an endorser of Allscripts comprehensive Electronic Health Record (EHR), Practice Management and Claims Management solution. Now every medical practice, regardless of size, can enjoy the same technology advantages as the largest enterprise operation. Allscripts MyWay is a comprehensive "right-sized" solution that gives small practices, and even solo practitioners the key application features and functions necessary for EHR, Practice Management and Claims Management.

Click here to view an online demo of the Allscripts MyWay solution.

In a word, MyWay EHR is different; and that difference is reinforced by three important attributes usually missing from healthcare Information Technology (IT) applications: simple, complete, affordable.

Simple : MyWay EHR is intuitive, easy to learn, and even easier to use. Created to work the way you do, the software offers unique features like adaptive learning, customization on the fly, and a template-free workflow that match the way providers practice medicine.

Complete : MyWay EHR is a complete clinical solution for physicians' offices and includes all the needed interfaces with Misys Tiger and Misys PM to manage the clinical, business, and financial performance of smaller practices.

Affordable : The low acquisition costs of MyWay EHR make it affordable for even the smallest practices. By choosing an on-premise solution, you would leverage your own IT infrastructure and in-house capabilities. With MyWay EHR OnDemand you can let Allscripts take care of everything for a single affordable monthly payment. This option for electronic medical records will work seamlessly with your existing on-premise practice management solution, even while being hosted remotely.

Employing the MyWay solution can also help your practice:

  • Qualify for Stimulus benefits created by the HITECH Act of 2009
  • Achieve HIPAA compliance for protection of your data
  • Create workflow efficiences, increase patient satisfaction, and reduce costs

For more information about MyWay, please contact us at or (301) 589-0780.