Corporate Capability Statement

McFarland & Associates, Inc., is a management and professional services firm that has provided support to Federal, State, and local government agencies, nonprofits, universities, and private industry clients since 1989. A Small Business and a graduate from the U.S. Small Business Administration's 8(a) program, McFarland & Associates is a Maryland-based company. The Company primarily specializes in providing services in areas of program evaluation and survey research, conference and meeting support, publication and document preparation, and information management.

The staff at McFarland & Associates are experienced in an array of disciplines, including health information technology, mental health, substance abuse prevention and treatment, education, social services, family strengthening, and logistics support. The McFarland & Associates staff conduct research, surveys, needs assessments, and training programs; design and set up electronic information and communication systems; develop health and other social marketing strategies; and develop materials to support these areas. We have expertise in designing and conducting small- to large-scale research studies and program evaluations. McFarland & Associates also manages a variety of meeting, logistical, administrative, and technical support services for public and private agencies and organizations.

As a small firm, McFarland & Associates is dedicated to improving the health, educational, social, and economic status of all persons, with an emphasis on minority populations. Our staff's knowledge and professional skill sets have evolved from decades of experience and education, and the experience and knowledge gained from our work provide us with the sensitivity and insight that many of our projects require. 

Please click the links below to review our full Corporate Capability Statement and our targeted Corporate Capability Statement on Health Information Technology.

Corporate Capability StatementCorporate Capability Statement on Health Information Technology
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