Health Information Technology

Electronic Health Record Consulting

McFarland & Associates is dedicated to helping physicians make the transition from paper records to an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system. Technology is a continually changing field, which makes it challenging to select the best EHR solution to meet the specific needs for each practice. Why use time sifting through a multitude of EHR options when that time could be better spent on patient care? To support the decision making process, we assess an exhaustive choice of products and services to assist physicians in selecting the best custom solution for their practice. Our goal is to assist health care providers in improving patient care and qualifying for Federal Government incentive payments by demonstrating Meaningful Use.

To find a comprehensive solution for a practice, McFarland works with each client to understand his/her business needs, and then collaborates with industry-leading vendors to develop a specific solution. We consider various factors such as current status, financial capabilities, and plans for growth of the practice.

Below is information to assist you in selecting the best product for your practice:

To get a more detailed look at how we perform these services, go to our Health Information Technology Corporate Capability Statement.