Services - Research & Evaluation

Our Expertise

Our Survey Research and Program Evaluation capabilities encompass the following

  • Develop Process, Outcome, and Impact Measures.
  • Develop Training Curricula and Materials for Evaluators, Supervisors, and Interviewers.
  • Design Survey Instruments, Questionnaires, and Supporting Materials.
  • Design and Develop Statistical Analysis and Reports.
  • Design and Conduct Epidemiological Studies and Peer-Based Program Evaluations.
  • Obtain OMB Clearance.
  • Collect and Analyze Data via Field, Telephone, Mail, Internet, and Computer Systems.
  • Research and Review Literature.
  • Identify and Develop Ethnographic Data.
  • Design, Conduct, and Supervise Field Operations for Small- to Large-Scale Research and Survey Data Collection Efforts.
  • Establish and Monitor Quality Control Procedures for Field Operations.
  • Identify, Recruit, and Train Capable Interviewers, Supervisors, and Advisory Boards.

We also perform automated analyses of primary and secondary data, including:

  • Compute sample errors.
  • Determine confidence intervals.
  • Impute data.
  • Perform multivariate data analyses.

McFarland's research and evaluation personnel possess advanced degrees in the areas and disciplines in which we work. These personnel have experience with programs and projects that are similar or identical in nature to those we are asked to evaluate. For more information, see our Corporate Capability Statement.