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Technical Capabilities

McFarland & Associates, Inc. has established a broad range of competencies in the field of information management.

Information Management

Perform Statistical Analysis of Electronic Data and Information.
Build Information Systems and Databases for Record Keeping and Tracking.
Integrate Data for Database Design, Migration and Conversion.
Manage Computerized and Electronic Data and Information.
Organize and Oversee Complex Data Records and Information.
Develop and Manage Web sites and Listservs.

Web and Desktop services

Creating and Managing Libraries within SharePoint
Document and Meeting Workspaces in the SharePoint Environment
Communication through Surveys and Discussion Boards
Creation of Wiki’s, Blogs, and administration Web Parts
The Integration of Outlook, Excel, Access, and InfoPath 2007 within SharePoint

Quickbase Services

Custom Report Formatting
Management and Advisement of your QuickBase Applications
Online Data Management Collection
Online Collaboration

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