McFarland & Associates, Inc., a management and professional services firm, improves lives through smart solutions. We positively impact adults, children, families, communities, and grantees faced with urgent needs and limited resources. With cultural and linguistic competence, we improve the well-being of diverse, underserved, and underrepresented populations.

Our Core Services Include:

These three principal service areas encompass the following specialties:

  • Web-based Knowledge Exchange
  • Social Marketing and Outreach
  • Conference Management
  • Program Planning and Analysis
  • Grants Management
  • Peer Review Support
  • Publications and Graphics Services

By merging humanity and technology, McFarland provides responsive, cost-effective services with maximum efficiency. Our clients benefit from the added value and the superior quality we bring to every project. Stakeholders and target audiences gain from our use of best practices; our innovations; and our measurable, documented outcomes.

Corporate Video

McFarland translates visions into results, while helping to fulfill missions, attain goals, and achieve objectives. To learn more about McFarland, please review our corporate video.

Funding Opportunities

Please watch this space for upcoming funding opportunities.

What We Service:

  • Substance Abuse Prevention, Intervention, and Treatment
  • HIV and AIDS-related Services
  • Disease Control and Prevention
  • Capacity Building and Sustainability
  • Health Care Technology Solutions
  • Child and Adult Education
  • Crime Prevention and Prisoner Reentry
  • Mental Health
  • Obesity and Nutrition
  • Homelessness

The McFarland SMART Approach

Through our SMART approach (defined here), we consistently provide high quality, exceed expectations, and manage costs responsibly. We improve our customers' effectiveness and create sustainable programs by enhancing access to information and services.

Our Clients, Partners, and Procurement Vehicles

McFarland works with Federal, State, and local government agencies; nonprofits; community- and faith-based organizations; minority and minority-serving institutions; Federal and State grantees; associations; and private-industry clients. We perform under contracts, grants, IDIQs, purchase orders, and other procurement vehicles.


News and Events

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