In December 2021, McFarland began its partnership with FHI360 to offer a range of diabetes prevention-related health services to assess the effectiveness of diabetes self-management education and support programs for people with type II diabetes. Based on the CDC's Diabetes Prevention Program curriculum, the Black Families Defying Diabetes Together program focuses on strengthening diabetes prevention and management through family support and care.

McFarland provides administrative, medical, counseling, and community health worker staff to administer the intervention in Montgomery County, Maryland, with up to 80 persons of African origin with type II diabetes and their adult family members. McFarland also provides infrastructure such as facilities, equipment, and administrative services such as data gathering and record-keeping. McFarland engages with FHI 360 to create the intervention's essential components and will assist the project's assessment operations. McFarland and Associates will also participate in sustainability efforts if HHS funds them.

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